New Year, New You

Mythology has hundreds of stories of beings re-making themselves, becoming completely new, washing away all trauma and walking forth with a light heart. It seems to be a bit harder for mortals, but we can still attempt it. The New Year is our traditional time to take stock of our lives and decide on what […]

A poem for the ancient pagan festival of Saturnalia

Saturnalia, the ancient pagan Roman festival from which many of our Christmas traditions spring, starts soon. And by “soon” I mean “tomorrow.” From December 17th to December 23rd, the festival dedicated to the god Saturn goes on, and revelry and merrymaking can be expected in Roman villas and pagan communes. Okay, I’m not sure about […]

Why You Should Plan for the Life You Want (Even in a Global Pandemic)

Life sucks sometimes, and it’s up to us to make things better. What’s the best way to make amazing things happen? To plan for them, of course! Okay, maybe you don’t agree with me. Allow me to try to convince you. Plan For The Life You Want I’m a planner at heart. Always have been. […]