Wolffy’s Book Den

A Booklover’s Paradise


Wolffy’s Book Den was started when Powell Riverite Wolffy had a dream.

That dream was to have a community gathering spot where people could meet, have a good cup of coffee or tea, and talk about books. Or read books. Or meet new authors. Or discover something they’d never seen before.

Originally called Tea & Talk — referencing the good conversations Wolffy wanted to have happen in her little store — Wolffy’s Book Den has become a must-visit stop in the Cranberry district of Powell River.

While the worldwide pandemic has changed some of the ways we do business, our carefully curated collection of Canadiana, children’s books, and books by independent authors continues to make us a paradise for lovers of books.




Wolffy has been a lover of books since before she was able to read. Once she could read, she quickly devoured every book in the children’s section of the library, and then moved on to the adult section.

Having a bookstore has been a dream of Wolffy’s for most of her adult life, and finally, in her eighth decade, she’s making that dream come true.



Logistics Officer, Manager


Ugh, what do you mean I have to write a BIO for our WEBSITE? Isn’t building the darn thing ENOUGH?

Fiiiiinnneee. I’m Kat. I’m Wolffy’s daughter.

My mom infected me with her dream of running a bookshop when I was very young, so when she started her own of course I wanted to jump on board. I manage most logistics of running the thing and I’m currently trying to rope my husband into being part of it as well.

When I’m not managing the Den, I’m writing my own books and being a dog mom extraordinaire.



Official Mascot

Tyee, aka Mr. Perfect Paws, aka Lord Tyee the Awful Pawful, aka Houdini Wolf, is the official mascot for Wolffy’s Book Den as well as a bookhound in his own right.

An old man now, he spends most of his time napping, but when not catching zzzs in the yard he’s reading or writing his own books. Be on the lookout for Tyee Recommends — Books for Wolf Lovers.


Sirius Li

Store Dog in Training and Demon Puppy


Sirius Tiberius Li, First of His Name, Demon Puppy, Watcher of Farscape, Biter of Noses, and Store Dog in Training, is Kat’s sweet little baby when he’s not being a total monster.

He idolizes Big Dog (Tyee), loves to play, and won’t stop growing.

When asked his opinion on books, he said “They’re DELICIOUS!” This was meant literally.

Look forward to his recommendation series, Books Good Enough To Chew.

A photo of a Border Collie in a bookstore, looking back at the camera as if to ask if he really can have any book he wants.
“Really, mom? I can choose my own book? But they all look so delicious!”