How does that saying go? “When life gives you lemons….”

So the postponement of back-to-school has just thrown acid on your plans to return to normal life? (Normal, that is, life before 2020.)

Once again marooned at home with antsy kids, probably you’d like to throttle whoever caused this mess.

Wait a minute! Out of the corner of your eye, is that a glimpse of radical sunshine?

What if “education” could be more than “job preparation” and actually fostered the learning of empowering, life-long skills?

What if acquiring such skills could happen simply, at home or even at your place of work?

What if you, the Parent, realized that in many ways you are actually your children’s best teacher?

Imagine your grown children telling others that they learned everything important from home and family!

Home learning has been a burgeoning movement since the Nineties. Parents have shown that home schooling needn’t be a pallid imitation of regular school.

What if “education” could be more than “job preparation” and actually fostered the learning of empowering, life-long skills?

I home-schooled Grades 2 and 8 with my LD kid—great years, compared to Grade 1 in a Coquitlam public school and Grade 7 in a U.S. SpEd school.

Yes, it took work, the specialized parts of which we needed paid help for, such as piano lessons, trampoline gym, architecture, and our child’s auditory-processing deficit. Reading and math happened automatically, mostly in the kitchen, reading recipes, measuring and pouring, learning the stove, preserving food and managing tools. At bedtimes, I read aloud all seven volumes of Narnia.

Think a minute and you’ll come up with myriad home activities that can deliver life-skills training to your children—and incidentally lighten the family’s housekeeping load.

Children competent in life skills become confident adults who respect their elders and can go anywhere and do anything. Isn’t that your dream for your kids?

Take your kids to a bookstore and have fun exploring the world. Let the kids find their interests and you’ll both have fun and learn a lot. Even better, your bookstore can help with how-to and learning materials. You’ll be surprised how wonderful an educator you are.

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