A Radical Ray of Sunshine

How does that saying go? “When life gives you lemons….” So the postponement of back-to-school has just thrown acid on your plans to return to normal life? (Normal, that is, life before 2020.) Once again marooned at home with antsy kids, probably you’d like to throttle whoever caused this mess. Wait a minute! Out of […]

How to Avoid Learning Problems

My first tip for avoiding learning problems? Put that young learner on your lap and have fun together with a good book. My second tip? Be a role model for young learners by letting them see you engaged with a book–in your hand, NOT on-screen. (There’s already research showing that on-screen learning is far weaker […]

Reading Is First-Class Therapy

As a learning specialist, I’ve learned that by far the most common block to easy learning is auditory-processing deficit: the brain just doesn’t know how to organize the sounds of the language. Something gets missed in early childhood…or perhaps some trauma or accident disrupted the learning process. But this can be fixed! With help, even […]